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AGES 11 - 19

The Youth Dance Companies:

House of Jack youth dance companies were created to provide a platform for promising young dancers to advance their technique, confidence and performance skills. They work towards performances and video projects, and (in usual times) frequently perform at prominent events and theatre nights in Edinburgh and around Scotland. Performances have included the Breakin' Convention tour Edinburgh show, Breakin' Rules, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Leith Festival, various events at the Scottish Parliament, the Meadows Festival, Edinburgh's Open Streets, and many more. Members of youth companies are also the first to be offered additional performance projects that may be open to House of Jack dancers.

Given that the Mini Jackers (ages 11-15, Monday evening training) and Jackin' the Box (ages 14-19, Tuesday evening training) work towards performances, being part of the companies does require a level of commitment, and members are expected to attend training every week, in general. Training, rehearsals and performances can be challenging, but also a lot of fun!

There are (currently) fees for the youth company training (though we're looking into sponsorship funding), paid in blocks - usually two blocks per term (the same as classes) of between 6 and 8 weeks each, depending on the length of term. The fees work out at £6 per week, but this covers not only the regular weekly hour and a quarter training, but also any other rehearsals that are necessary for shows, extra filming projects, and so on.

How to Audition:


To audition for Mini Jackers and Jackin' the Box, you need to learn the choreography in the below videos (use the same videos and choreography to apply to both youth companies), and submit a video of yourself dancing the choreography full out.  Email the video to using a Dropbox, GoogleDrive or WeTransfer link, and provide name, age, date of birth, and confirmation of availability on Monday and / or Tuesday evening training times. For those under the age of 16, a parent must submit the email. All submissions must be received by midnight on 31st July. Good luck! 

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