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Mini Jackers and Jackin the Box youth companies are a project for young dancers with a passion for hip hop who want to delve into theatre. They aim to push talented young people to gain more skills in terms of ability, technique and confidence to perform.

Mini Jackers is the youngest crew, for ages around 12-15, while Jackin the Box has dancers aged 14-19 years old. Promising dancers are usually selected from regular classes and invited to join the company at appropriate times, or alternatively auditions are held, which anyone can apply to.

The companies regularly perform at prominent events, including Breakin' Convention (2017), Breakin' Rules (2018, 2017, 2015), in Oona Doherty's 'Hard to be Soft: A Belfast Prayer' as the 'Sugar Army', at the Active Schools Dance Extravaganza (2018), the Scottish Parliament's 20th Birthday Celebration, the Audacious Women Festival (2017), the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival (2016), the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2018, 2015), and many more!

See the Theatre Pieces page for more information about the companies' theatre works, including a trailer for 'Frequency', recently performed at Edinburgh's Festival Theatre. 

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